People are waking up to the power of nutrition. When applied, nutrition and plant medicine can heal your cells and protect you from illness and disease! Not only is food medicine, but it's an inexpensive, non-invasive, natural and holistic solution to our growing health care crisis.

So what are you waiting for? Get started benefitting from medical nutrition therapy. Most Blue Cross Blue Shield patients have little to no copayment. Find out if this applies to you!

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The root cause of disease

What you eat and how you live will determine how you feel, whether you develop disease and how long you live. In addition, the quality of your food, including the soil in which it was grown and the processing involved will greatly impact your health.

Changing your diet is a process you will not regret, as you become more educated and aware of the choices that will support your health. We can help. Our dietitians are experts at nutrition and natural healthcare.

Nutrition information is overwhelming and often inaccurate in today's deluge of marketing channels. We can help you cut through the media hype and develop a biochemically personalized nutrition plan. Start by giving us a call or email, and download the walnut infographic to print a copy of our top 10 nutrition tips to get your nutrition priorities in place.