A nutritional consultation is the best way to receive personal nutrition advice and counseling.  Since no two people are the same, all clients plans and programs are completely unique.  The program we develop for you is based on your medical history, current diet, lifestyle, food preferences/sensitivities, and your personal health goals.  

Once you've begun implementing changes, ongoing nutritional counseling is helpful and recommended.  Weekly or monthly nutritional counseling gives us a  chance to observe your body and tweak your nutritional program accordingly.  The other purpose is so to receive nutrition education around important topics.  Through this process, we'll also help you implement the correct supplements to maximize results. 

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People who will benefit from Medical Nutrition Therapy and counseling includes:

  • anyone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  • anyone concerned about blood sugar health or diabetes.
  • anyone with chronic digestive issues.
  • anyone with autoimmune conditions.
  • parents with infants or children with food sensitivities or delayed growth.
  • people who cannot find answers to their health problems through the conventional health care system.
  • people who were raised on processed foods and don't know where to begin with eating healthy.
  • people who struggle with weight and know that diets don't truly work, and can often leave you unhealthy. 
  • women with infertility.
  • people who want to build their immune systems so that they can prevent the devastating potential effects of colds, flus and COVID. 
  • people who have gone through cancer and want to rebuild their cells.
  • people struggling in other ways and want rebuild their healthy base in life by creating a healthy relationship with food, and lifestyle.
  • people with disordered eating. 
We have a deep commitment to educate and empower you with tools to last a lifetime, and we are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Please call us to verify your nutrition benefits and schedule a consultation.  



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