Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes tops the chart of health care concerns due to how many people it affects; and the costliness and devastation it causes. Nearly 10% of Americans have diabetes, yet one in four don’t know it! What's even worse is the prevalence of pre-diabetes!! The NIH predicts one in three adults in the US have it, and again, 90% don't know it! Do you know your status?

The development of diabetes and pre-diabetes is sneaky as there aren’t a lot of symptoms. Some clues that could tip you off that you may be headed for pre-diabetes or diabetes include: severe carb or sugar cravings, abdominal weight gain (with a "tire-like" affect, also referred to as an "insulin belly"), "weight loss resistance" which is when you've cut calories significantly and still aren't losing weight, extreme thirst, a family history of diabetes, and a history of consuming high sugar foods and/or drinks. Early detection is key; we can help you identify lab values which identify dangerous trends. In general the markers we look at are fasting blood glucose as well as Hemoglobin A1C. Though it's important that you not just look at one isolated value, rather a pattern or trend over the period of a year or more.

If you discover you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, you must take action, or the disease will inevitably progress. It does not go away on its own. If unchecked, pre-diabetes will become diabetes and if left to worsen, will progress to kidney disease, poor circulation which can result in amputation of limbs, and premature death. 

It's very scary to consider the consequences of allowing diabetes to manifest, so do NOT ignore or neglect getting checked and taking action if needed, as this is a clear cut case where ignorance is NOT bliss. This is not to say that you should panic either, as diabetes IS reversable, depending on how early you catch it. The sooner the better!

You can reverse diabetes through a healthy, low-sugar diet and by increasing physical activity. Certain key nutrient supplementation is very helfpul too. Reversing diabetes requires a strong committment and steady approach to achieve lasting lifestyle changes.

Our dietitians can help you by creating a realistic and personalized program. Nutrolution is also applying to provide the National CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program, a 1-year lifestyle change program. Make sure to sign up on our email list if this interests you.

Individually, we can also help you stay accountable and teach you everything you need to know about how to shop and cook healthily, choose wisely when eating out, portions, and more. We have worked with hundreds of adults and children who have faced diabetes, and we've helped our clients through all of the methods mentioned above.

While a healthy lifestyle is most important, if you feel that "you got this" when it comes to lifestyle, though would still like supplement support, we can work with you. Below we've detailed some of the best supplements for anyone looking to prevent or manage pre-diabetes or diabetes.

    • Metabolic Synergy - This is a multivitamin with qualitative levels of blood sugar support nutrients such as chromium, vanadium and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). ALA is proven to begin to reverse insulin resistance in just 6-8 weeks. 
    • Finest Pure Fish Oils / High DHA Fish Oils - These are essential fatty acids which comprise the receptor sites of all of our cell membranes, including insulin receptors. By supplementing with Fish oils, you will be supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism as well as supporting a your anti-inflammatory hormone system. The "High DHA Fish Oils" have additional DHA which works to support healthy brain chemistry as well. 
    • GlucoSupport Bars - While we encourage eating more "live" foods  such as fresh produce and avocadoes, many of our clients need a healthy bar for a convenient and portable snack. 
    • Whey Cool Protein - low sugar, blood balancing snack bars and organic, biologically active pure whey protein. The best!
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid- this is an incredible and proven nutrient which works at the cellular level to increase insulin receptivity. In other words, it helps your cells utilize glucose and insulin more effectively, thereby reducing the amount of insulin your pancreas must produce. It can help a diabetic prevent having to shoot insulin, and can completely reverse weight loss resistance stemming from prediabetes. It's proven to work in 6-8 weeks at a level of 300 mg per day. While research proves that it works, you still need to make dietary changes to ensure a complete reversal of diabetes. 

All products are scientifically supported and pharmaceutical grade quality. 

Most people also greatly benefit from a consultation for meal planning and dietitian counseling. Through a consultation, our dietitian can help you identify underlying diabetes factors, and develop a program for you which regulates blood sugar, supports metabolism, reverses insulin resistance and is easy to implement. See personal consultation options



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