The Diabetes Nutrolution

Diabetes tops the chart of health care concerns due to how many people it affects, the costliness, and the devastation it causes.  Nearly 10% of Americans have diabetes, yet one in four don’t know it! What's even worse is the prevalence of pre-diabetes.  The NIH predicts one in three adults in the US have it, and 90% don't know! Do you know your prediabetes status?

The development of diabetes and pre-diabetes is sneaky as there aren’t a lot of symptoms.  Signs include severe carb or sugar cravings, abdominal weight gain (also know as an "insulin belly"), weight loss resistance, and extreme thirst.  Factors that increase the chances of you developing diabetes include a family history of diabetes or heart disease, and a history of consuming high sugar foods and drinks.

Early detection is key.  If you discover you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, you must take action, or the disease will inevitably progress.  It does not go away on its own.  If unchecked, pre-diabetes will become diabetes and if left to worsen, will progress to kidney disease, poor circulation (which can result in amputation of limbs), and premature death. 

However, you can reverse diabetes- through a healthy diet and physical activity. The goal is to reverse insulin resistance and improve insulin sensitivity.  This can be done through reducing sugar intake, balancing the macronutrients, supporting all of your nutrient needs to enable your metabolism to function again, and increasing exercise to erode insulin resistance.  Supplementation is also proven to help!

While reversing diabetes requires a strong commitment and steady approach to lifestyle change, support is available.  Our Registered Dietitians can help you make a lasting healthy lifestyle change that can reverse the markers and progression of diabetes.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Call or contact us below to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!

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