Digestive Wellness

A balanced digestive system is critical to maintain good health and a sense of well-being. It's the basis of our ability to absorb nutrients. It also prevents bad bacteria and dangerous toxins from entering the bloodstream. When the integrity of the digestive tissue is compromised, due to an inflammatory diet or an imbalance of bacteria, bad bacteria and toxins can 'leak' into the bloodstream.

People suffering with chronic health problems such as fatigue, allergies, auto-immune conditions, chronic candidiasis, sinus infections, acne or migraines must correct the bacterial imbalance (known as "dysbiosis") and heal their gut. Other clues that you have dysbiosis and need to clean out your gut include indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, irritable bowel sydrome and constipation.. All of these conditions can be reversed with supplements and simple dietary corrections. 

We offer a digestive wellness collection specifically designed to help you restore digestive health. For the best results, we recommend the following:

  • HLC Probiotics - Probiotics are good bacteria needed to implant and colonize. We recommend a baseline of 2-4 caps a day, with meals. HLC Mindlinx is best for handling inflammation caused by gluten and casein, found in wheat and dairy, in the diet. 
  • L-glutamine powder - Glutamine is effective at healing tissue which may be broken down due to food allergies or other inflammatory bowel conditions.
  • Allicin - This supplement is extremely effective at killing bad bacteria and yeast in the intestine. If you have moderate to severe dysbiosis, in addition to probiotics, you will also need to kill the bad bacteria, so that good bacteria can attach and colonize. 
  • Paleofiber - This is one of the best and most gentle fiber supplements on the market. It will help to soak up dead and dying bacteria and transport them out of the body where they belong. 
  • Aloe Gels - Great for soothing and healing inflamed tissue. Healthy tissue helps to colonize good bacteria and works together with the supplements above.

We have used this program with many clients, and results have been consistently positive. If you'd like personalized support to help improve diet, identify food sensitivites or intolerances, and to build an anti-inflammatory, digestion-support menu, our dietitans can help. We do this through a personal consultation. See consultation options. 

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