Digestive Wellness

A healthy digestive system is the basis of our ability to break down and process nutrients.  The gut also provides a protective barrier from bacteria and toxins from entering our blood.   

Having a balanced digestive system with beneficial bacteria is absolutely critical to maintain good health and a sense of well-being.  When the integrity of your digestive system is compromised, it can cause a cascade of health problems.

Most digestive problems are caused by inflammation in the gut.  Inflammation can occur for many reasons, but overall is caused by inflammatory foods, food sensitivities, toxins or chemicals in the diet, and dysbiosis. 

Dysbiosis is a major imbalance of bad bacteria, yeast or fungus in the intestinal tract.  The most common symptoms are indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, "irritable bowel syndrome" and constipation. 

Dysbiosis is a slippery slope.  Over time it causes severe and chronic inflammation in the gut, which can break down tissue and cause permeability.  A permeable gut, also know as a "leaky gut" may allow proteins and microbes to pass from within the gut and into the blood stream.  This can wreak havoc on your health, resulting in chronic widespread health problems such as allergies, low immunity, uncommon skin issues, bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, headaches, body pain, extreme fatigue, and even autoimmune disease.  However, all of this can be reversed through nutrition! 

People with chronic digestive problems will greatly benefit from dietary changes and supplementation!  The goal is to literally clean the gut out of waste, bacteria, and support tissue healing and recolonization of bacteria.  This isn't an overnight process, but it is doable, with nutrition.

If you are struggling with digestive problems, you are not alone.  If you need professional support, we can help!  Our Registered Dietitian is well-versed in the intestinal disorders and can help you rebuild your gut health.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Please call or email us to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program to change the course of your digestive health today! 


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