Thanks to those who have shared their health successes with us!

My story is simple and Rachael’s help has been extraordinary. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a stomach condition and was told by my doctors I would need medicine twice a day for the rest of my life  to contend with the pain. Shortly after, I connected with Rachael who assessed my situation and put me on specific supplements and made several manageable dietary recommendations. Following her straightforward program, in short time, the pain completely subsided and I haven’t needed  the pain medication for years. Further testing has shown no signs of any condition remaining.

Rachael is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, accessible and a pleasure. You feel from the moment you first speak with her, it’s about helping people get healthy. The business side is secondary.We need more healthcare professionals with Rachael’s talent and humanity.                 

     -Doug W, New York City

I have lost 30 pounds in 4 months without stressing about it. I used to feel tired all of the time. Now I feel a steady state of energy. My hands no longer shake and my anxiety has become manageable. My whole family has noticed and I feel like a new person. Thank you.

    -Mary S, Kendall 

You have changed my life! You provided me with the tools and knowledge necessary to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Weight loss, Increased energy, enhanced Mind, Body, and Soul are just a few of the many benefits I've seen. My life and marriage have changed for the better! Thank you.

     -David Cooper, Fort Lauderdale

My name is Judy. I conversed with you via email back a few weeks ago and you made some suggestions for my son Lukas and I purchased the products you suggested. Luke has been taking them for approx. 10 days and the results have been incredible, within 2 days there was a dramatic change in his disposition he appears to be balanced.  His behavior and the up and down emotional stated have improved dramatically.  THANK YOU!!!

     -Judy S, Maryland

Thanks again for both your promptness and thorough response.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for customer service above and beyond any that I have experienced before.  First you took time to ask questions about my medical problems, do research on the proper supplements, and get back to me with your recommendations; then you actually took the order, and now you've responded immediately to my question.  I only wish my physicians treated me as well! Thank you,

      -Arline Golden, CA

After viewing a documentary entitled, "Overfed and Undernourished," I was motivated to contact a nutritionist. It has turned to be one of the best decisions I've made. After seven months since first meeting,, I've lost 46 pounds and have developed a new mindset toward eating!! I never thought losing this much weight would be so easy. 

     -Theresa T, West Palm Beach                                                        

After finding out that my 10 year old son had celiac disease, the next step was to gain an understanding about gluten. I'm blessed to have found Rachael as she helped educate my family about a gluten free diet. We set up a in-house consultation so the whole family could attend. She had tons of information with suggestions and recipes to give us. Now even 5 years later I resource the information she gave and still find it helpful today.  

     -Piper S, Miami

I reached out to the on-staff nutritionist over a year ago due to issues I had of feeling "sluggish" and just plain not healthy. I sought expertise to help me find supplements to feel better and regain my vitality. The nutritionist was able to guide me to the best supplements I needed to feel better. Since I began taking the probiotic recommended for me, my system has begun to heal and become better regulated. I used to get frequent colds and other viruses regularly. Since I've been taking the supplements from your site, I've not gotten a cold or other virus in months! I actually can't remember when I was sick last. 

     -Rachel M, Sequim, WA

My daughter had some medical problems (digestion, bloating, etc.) that we couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of.  As a result, I had been searching the internet looking for some answers, when I came across your site. I contacted your nutritionist, and explained the problems. She was very knowledgeable and took extra time to do some more research for me.  She got back to me when she said she would and took extra time to ask the right questions.  As well she emailed her recommendations. She was very empathetic and sympathetic of my daughter’s problems.  The uncanny part, however, was when she asked me if my daughter had any symptoms of anxiousness.  To me this would have had nothing to do with the digestive problems.  But I had just the previous week flown out to Vancouver to bring my daughter back home due to two severe anxious episodes. Your nutritionist had connected my daughter's digestive problems with the emotional ones. Needless to say I am very pleased; the quality of her service is excellent. Yours truly,

      -Brian Rose, Seattle

Recently, after completing some lab work, I was alerted to some abnormal test results that were concerning. My Hemoglobin AIC and Cholesterol were both elevated.  This was a red flag to me telling me that I must make some healthy lifestyle changes soon, especially related to diet and exercise. After some research, I decided to set up an appointment. I am so greatful that I did! Your dietitian was so positive and gave me expert advice about how to start eating healthy.  She mapped out a personal dietary program for me and gave me numerous examples about how to introduce new healthy foods into my diet and to start exercising.  The best part was that I still could eat some of the things I love. So far I have lost twelve pounds!  I have recently rechecked my laboratory work and to my surprise, both my Hemoglobin AIC and cholesterol have decreased.                         

     -Lisa M, Miami

This is Bret, Shannon's husband. Believe it or not, you have helped us in the past few days as much as any Dr. has in the past 2 years.  Your emails have been very specific and that is encouraging. We don't feel like you are selling anything and all you want to do is help. Thank You.

     -Brett W, Nashville

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