Our vision is to be an agent of change for a healthy world. We believe that healthy and conscious eating is essential to promote human health and positively impact the environment. We recommend and encourage clients to eat foods and recipes which emphasize plants and other "real" and "living" foods. We strive to keep food delicious and health information and solutions simple.

Our mission is to empower and facilitate individuals to improve health, reverse illness, and promote wellbeing. We offer effective supplement programs to address your health needs. We also offer personal nutrition consultations with knowledgable and helpful Registered Dietitians. Nutrition consultations can be life-changing, as you become more empowered with knowledge, tools and support needed to help you make lasting healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Additional services offered by our company include Corporate Wellness and Restaurant Menu Analysis


There are thousands of nutritional supplement products on the market from which to choose. Most are gimmicky, overpriced, and potentially even dangerous. Additionally, often over-the-counter (OTC) supplements contain the wrong form of a nutrient which cannot be absorbed.

As dietitians, we're taught to decifer between supplements and recommend those which are efficacious and safe. As clinicians, we have access to the highest quality nutraceuticals. Many products available on our site are ones we have used in clinical practice for years or even decades. The supplement companies we work with are devoted to reseach, ethical practices, and clinical efficacy and safety. We work closely with our chosen products and have hand-picked many of the products seen on our site, based on our positive patient and personal outcomes. Our distribution center meets Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) guidelines.

We welcome all questions and feedback about products. We truly believe in our products and are proud to offer them to you with expert support from our Registered Dietitians. 


Rachael Richardson, RD, LDN - Registered Dietitian- Owner, Nutrolution, LLC

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of North Florida and completed a Dietetic Internship at Vanderbilt Medical Center in 2001.  As a licensed dietitian-nutritionist, she has counseled and improved the lives of many patients suffering from immune conditions, digestive disorders, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer and other chronic ailments.  She has lent her support and expertise to a variety of institutions including Jackson Memorial Hospital, the University of Miami, and Florida International University.  Rachael is a firm believer that healthy eating and nutritional supplementation can cure chronic disease and has dedicated her life to this pursuit.

Rachael founded Nutrolution, LLC and Nutrolution.com in 2007 to provide people with chronic ailments a safe and genuinely healthy alternative to conventional medical systems. Rachael works with people to develop holistic health programs which entail food, supplements, exercise and mindfulness practices. This holistic approach is very effective for most chronic health concerns. Rachael hopes to continue to be an advocate for plant based eating, alternative approaches to medication, the power of food, yoga, and plant medicine. She views her professional endeavors as a means to create a healthier world for future generations.   

Learn more about Rachael Richardson at her Blog, Endeavors of an RD.

Vanessa Marin, MS, RDN, LDN - Registered Dietitian, Wellness Specialist

Vanessa is a licensed and registered dietitian who focuses on digestion and mindful eating. She helps people feel amazing from the inside out and empowers them to take back control of their health! Her interest in how the body can use food for healing is what motivated her to to go back to school. She obtained a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University in 2013. Suffering from digestive issues of her own, Vanessa was able to put that nutrition knowledge to use to take back control of her digestion. She healed through a tailored approach of food therapy and nutritional supplementation. She believes that health goes beyond just what you eat; it's a lifestyle approach and it doesn’t have to be complicated!  Vanessa provides personal consultations to Nutrolution's clients. 


Stephanie Rohm Quirantes, MS, RDN-  Registered Dietitian, Restaurant Expert

Stephanie is an award winning registered dietitian/nutritionist with over 20 years of nutrition experience. She supplies food labeling technical expertise to the food industry, health care providers and hospitals. Stephanie has shared her expertise with large companies such as the Burger King Corporation, Materne, Buddy Fruits and YUM Brands and currently with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Stephanie has served on the National Restaurant Association’s Sodium Task Force and Kids LiveWell science advisory committee as well as the Canadian Restaurant Association’s Sodium Working Group and Nutrition and Fitness Roundtable. Stephanie provides menu analysis and restaurant consulting services with Nutrolution.