Your immune system is your army, protecting you against illnesses such as bacterial infections, fungus, and viruses.  It also works to prevent conditions such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, and even allergies. 

This is a great responsibility and your immune "bodies" need nutrients and rest to fuel it and ensure maximum "cellular security".  How well your immune system works, and the foods you eat, are intricately connected.  This science and study is known as "immuno-nutrition".

Immune diseases including cancer and auto-immune disease have been on the rise for several decades, and nutritional theories point to the causes being inflammatory foods, leaky gut syndrome, and insufficient nutrition to support the immune system.  

If you are suffering from an immune or autoimmune condition, you will need a multi-faceted and holistic plan that includes rest, supportive exercise, and a diet that can rebuild healthy gut tissue and nourish the immune cells.

Supplements also play a key role in supporting the immune system.  You're probably aware of some powerful immune supporting nutrients - like vitamin D3, vitamin C, and zinc.  Though did you know that there is a extensive array phyto-chemicals found in herbs, tree barks, algae, and even bones, that are immensely powerful in supporting the human immune system?

In addition, probiotics and compounds such as glutamine and aloe are needed to support immunity via the gut. 

There are foods that can also impair immunity.  High quantities of sugar can render immune bodies inactive, chemicals found in the diet can up your "immune-load" and then there are unknown "x-factors" such as the entire class of genetically modified foods which may be causing extreme inflammation and upheaval in your immune systems!   

  Supporting your immune system through nutrition is complex,  requires knowledge, culinary know-how, and a long term commitment.  However reversing immune dysfunction, low immunity and auto-immunity is possible. Our Registered Dietitian can help.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Please call or email us to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!


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