Immunity Builder

Your immune system is basically your army, protecting you against illnesses such as bacterial infections and viruses. Your immune system also wards off diseases stemming from your own body, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia and even allergies. These "auto-immune" conditions occur when your immune system is overworked and cannot differentiate between toxins, bacteria and stimulus from your environment or diet.  

If you are suffering from any immune or autoimmune condition, you will need a multi-faceted and holistic plan that includes some additional rest, light to moderate exercise, and a comprehensive review of your diet and nutrition program. Additionally, when we discuss immune function, it's important to know that digestive integrity is a key element to ensuring your immune system can function optimally. If you have any degree of "leaky gut syndrome", proteins and particles can pass through the digestive tissue and into the blood, causing major immune upheaval.

Our dieititians are equipped to help you identify which areas of your diet or lifestyle may be stressing your immune system, or items you may be deficient in. Through a consultation, our dieitian can help you with a holitic health and meal plan and supplement program to optimize your immune function.

Some people are just not ready to make changes to their diet. For that purpose, we can also recommend supplements that could be very impactful and helpful even without dietary changes. Foundational nutrients needed to support immune health include:

  • Glutamine Caps - Glutamine is an amino acid which speeds healing and supports immunity, take this supplement between meals for maximum absorption.
  • Zinc Supreme - Needed for more metabolic processes than any other nutrient, the mineral zinc plays a critical role in immune function. This is an excellent chelated form of the mineral, best taken with food and in split doses; do not exceed 60 mg per day. 
  • C + Biofizz - C + Biofizz is a delicious way to add buffered vitamin C to your immune health and anti-aging regimen. 
  • Emulsi-D3 Synergy - Vitamin D is essential for brain function, immune health, bone density and teeth. This vitamin D3 also contains a very important cofactor, vitamin K2. 
  • Antioxidant Supreme (coming)
  • Finest Pure Fish Oils - Omega-3 fish oils are scientifically proven to support immune function in all types of populations. 
  • HLC Mindlinx Proboitics - After your skin, your intestines are your second line of immune defense which comprises over half of your immune system. Having enough good bacteria is essential to support a healthy immune system.

Other supplements very helpful in restoring and maintaining immune health include:

  • Monolaurin - excellent for fighting fungal infections
  • Lysine - helpful at limiting viral growth
  • Oil of Oregano - excellent to support respiratory health and immune function
  • Whey Cool Biologically Active Protein Powder - needed for building muscle tissue, neurotransmitter health and immune function, this whey protein is the purest on the market. It's made from hormone free, grass-fed cow's milk, and not heat processed like most other proteins. So it retains functional properies such immunoglobulins needed to stay healthy.
  • Cocommune bars - immune-boosting snack bars. Tastes like an Almond Joy!

As mentioned, most people can greatly benefit from a consultation for meal planning and continued follow ups as needed. Through a consultation, our dietitian can help you identify foods in your diet which may be hindering your system, and help you build a meal plan which include foods to support your whole body and immune health.  See personal consultation options.



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