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Viruses and Nutrition

For many years, I've worked with people living with viruses, both the human immuno deficiency (HIV) disease as well as other more common and less threatening, though still problematic viruses such as Epstein Barr, Shingles, and Herpes. Actually, there are around 100 known viruses in the Herpes family with eight that affect humans. This includes Chicken Pox, too. The reality is that the vast majority of people are living with a virus, or perhaps better stated, a virus is living in most people, even if you don't know it. So I've created a program to support immunity and target viruses, halting their growth and effects on your body. 

It focuses on clean eating a.k.a. minimally processed foods, high quality proteins and essential fats with an emphasis on fish, poultry, eggs for protein, and plant fats such as avocado and olive oil, and a good base of live vitamins and minerals from an array of fresh raw vegetable and fruit consumption. It reduces immune load by eliminating common inflammatory food ingredients. Ideally one would eat GMO-free when possible and vary up their food choices to reduce inflammation stemming from eating the same foods day after day. Supplements recommended are geared to support digestion- where a large part of the immune system “lives”, as well as to provide key immune nutrients, and halt the growth of viruses.

Below, I provide a basic yet relatively comprehensive meal pattern and supplement program. If you need personal support in meal planning, let us know. A consultation is the best way to receive a personalized nutrition program, however you can be successful with the information provided below, if you're diligent and resourceful.

Daily Food Plan

Wake up: large glass lemon water, add 1/2 tsp maple syrup if preferred - this helps alkalinize your blood and support kidneys.

Morning pre-breakfast Supplements*: Lysine (1-2 grams) & Colostrum

Breakfast low sugar fruit smoothie - consider watermelon with frozen berries - add only water or ice 

Mealtime Supplements*:  Zinc, Mindlinx, Finest Pure Fish Oils (heavy metal and mercury-free), Emulsi D3 drops (1-5 IUs pending your current D levels)

Morning "snack" Eggs or frittata with spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus favorite herbs, a little cheese. Note: switch up the vegetables and type of cheese or add avocado/salsa on top anytime

OR consider a second smoothie 

Lunch - soup, salad or sushi, or a combination.Examples:

  • 1 cup veggie soup with a spinach salad with 4 oz. grilled chicken
  • A large shrimp césar salad, with gluten free croutons or no croutons
  • 1 Rainbow Roll with miso soup and a salad
  • Hearty Chicken Quinoa & Veggie soup with fresh herbs and shredded spinach on top
  • Greek salad with a peice of grilled or lightly blackened fish 

Afternoon snack options (if needed) -

  • vitamin c or healthy electrolyte drink
  • healthy snack bar with brown rice, low sugar, (not a lot of nuts)
  • low(er) sugar fruit such as berries, melon, papaya, apple, peach
  • plain organic yogurt with fruit
  • cheese and rice crackers
  • guacamole with veggies for dipping
  • tomato, avocado salad with red onion and diced herbs
  • a few blue chips with salsa
  • a few bites of tuna or salmon salad
  • turkey with mustard
  • chicken drumstick
  • shrimp with cocktail sauce

Dinner- 3-5 oz protein with 2 veggie sides

  • one side veggie should be raw, ex. cucumber salad, german style coleslaw, side salad
  • one side can be cooked in a fat such as coconut, organic butter, sesame, or olive oil. Ex: sesame broccoli, green beans with carmelized onions, buttered peas or carrots, spinach sauteed in butter and garlic.

Dinner Supplements*: Zinc 20-30 mg

Bed time snack options (if needed):

  • Fruit and tea
  • a few rice crackers with hummus or guacamole
  • carrots with homemade basil salad dressing
  • a small parfait with greek yogurt and homemade granola and fruit
  • banana nice cream with coconut milk, fresh mint, or berries or coconut shreds
  • homemade gluten free banana bread with butter
  • gluten free toast with avocado

Bedtime supplements*: Lysine 1- 2 grams before bed on as close to an "empty stomach" as possible

NOTE: There are several foods that promote viral growth and/or suppress immunity. If your body feels broken down or you are actively fighting off a virus, these foods should be eliminated. 

  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar, especially corn syrup. Acceptable sweeteners are: stevia, xylitol, maple syrup, honey, muscovado, brown rice syrup, dates, fruit juice, or agave. Still, use these in small quantities as all forms of sugar tax immune function
  • Artificial ingredients including colors, flavors, flavor enhancers like MSG
  • Excessive amounts smoked, cured, or otherwise salted meats or fish
  • Vegetable oils (corn, canola, cottonseed) and fried foods
  • All personally known food allergens & general inflammatory foods incl. soy and gluten
  • Processed Foods
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Coffee (less so than the rest)
  • Check all labels, especially protein powders and supplements for "Arginine"- this amino acid actually promotes viral growth and is found in many "protein" and "body-building" formulas. 


Supplements are an important part of an effective immune program. Each one of the supplements in this program have a specific and unique purpose in supporting your immunity and suppressing viral growth. While this is a basic starting place for people with immune stress or viral infections, it is certainly not exhaustive. And for some, they are not all neccessary. For product and supplement support, please contact us.

  • HLC MINDLINX- This pharmaceutical grade, extremely well researched probiotic is highly effective at colonizing your gut! Most do not. Once your digestive tract is well colonized and supported by these beneficial bacteria, the bacteria become a part of your immune system, and help eliminate potentially harmful bacteria or proteins through the bowels. This particular probiotic also contains glutamine- which helps to repair any broken-down tissue in the intestine, building a stronger barrier to protect your immune system.
  • FINEST PURE FISH OILS- Well researched and shown to markedly support help immune function, most people do not get enough in the diet. When deficiencies occur, the body loses certain functions as a result. I recommend Fish Oils, specifically the high DHA. I personally take High DHA fish Oil, as this works and helps a little extra in the brain
  • ZINC- I consider zinc almost miraculous because it’s so integral in SO many functions. And, once again, due to soil depletion this time, we are all susceptible to regular zinc deficiency. Hence, many functions halt/suffer, but especially immune and brain functions, since zinc is also needed by the heart, and your body prioritizes zinc according to most to least important. In your body's triage system, heart rhythm comes before immune function.
  • COLOSTRUM- this is a substance found in mother’s milk to help build immunity. Taking it can help people heal their immune function substantially, especially (but not only) if they weren’t breast fed long enough.
  • Meal Replacement bars - I’m not a big "bar" person, but some people need them. I recommend certain ones only. My favorites are out of stock for a few more months so I have researched to find new favorites.  Green superfoods bars are one of them.
  • Emulsi D3 Synergy (Vitamin D drops)- essential for immunity and many other functions. Latest research on Vitamin D shows it is not absorbed properly without vitamin K2 and therefor must be taken together. Without K2, new studies show that calcium can be deposited in the arteries where they may calcify.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil- its immune properties are in the fact that monolaurin, found in the fresh juice and the cold pressed oils (and milks if they’re fresh), fight bacteria, viruses, and more. They are major assistance to the immune system, so always good to have a little in areas where you’re using oils anyways. Pancakes and oat concoctions are some of my favorite place to sneak these in. Though it tastes great with all curries, and other egg, fish and poultry dishes. Don’t think I’d try it with meat, personally.
  • L-lysine- This amino acid is highly effective at halting viral growth, though should be taken on an “empty” stomach. This is defined as 1/2 hour before or 1 hour after eating.

Other beneficial / integral health practices:

  • Visualization and alternative therapies: Breathe and picture your “immune army” strong and capable of doing its job. Also, consider making a mental decision to provide a peaceful home (acceptance) for the virus to live in your body, though “talk to it” (mentally) and tell it that there is no war or fight in your body, it must live peacefully, and if so, you will live peacefully with it.
  • Relaxation through yoga, meditation, baths with essential oils (lemon balm, zinc powder, lavender)
  • Exercise - as much and vigorously if you feel it, otherwise consider slow stress activities like swimming, yoga, walking, etc.

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