Here's what's in your fridge for consumption over the next 4 days.  (for the weekend of 12/7/23)

Korean cauli rice bowls with organic beef, gingered asparagus, fresh cabbage, cucumber and kim chi.  Note: Safiya's bowl is slightly lighter in weight and has smaller chunks of ground beef.

Chipotle style chicken and beef bowls with cilantro cauli rice, organic pinto beans, and sautéed veggies.  On the side is guacamole which you can use liberally.  Note: Safiya's bowl has less protein and slightly "rice"/beans, with smaller crumbles. 

Pesto Chicken with low-carb brown rice pasta and hearts of palm noodle blend, with garlic Broccoli Rabe.  Note: Safiya's bowl is slightly lighter and lower in protein by a couple of ounces. 

Immunity juice shot with turmeric, lemon, ginger, orange, grapefruit and a touch of apple and honey.  Also added to each shot is 2,000 IU vit D3 plus K2 (for brain, bones and immunity) and Liquid iodine (for metabolism and hormone health)  Note:  take 2 each day, mid morning and mid afternoon, or, whenever you feel a little hungry and/or need a boost in between meals, or first thing in the morning if desired. 

Low-sugar Pumpkin Boomcakes with Ashwaganda and MACA root for immunity and high mineral levels.  This batch is cut in sugar by over half from the last one, and using only coconut sugar.  Other ingredients are organic eggs, almond flour, gluten free flour, pumpkin, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and oat milk.   Note: 1 per day for Safiya and 2 per day for Tyler, eaten as a breakfast or snack. 

Fruit bowl - grapes, orange, and green apple - for snacking anytime

Curried Chicken salad and Mary's Gone crackers - for snacking / lunch