Magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic processes in the body. As a mineral, magnesium aids vitamins in performing their functional processes in the body. A large portion of the population do not meet the recommended daily intake of magnesium; take this quiz to determine if you are deficient. 

Each of the following is worth one point. Which of the following apply to you? 

1. heart rhythm disturbances 

2. constipation and/or sluggish colon 

3. chronic fatigue 

4. muscles tear or injure easily 

5. muscle cramps 

6. depression 

7. muscular weakness 

8. inability to control bladder 

9. night sweats 

10. excessive body odor 

11. muscle twitching

12. lower/mid back pain 

13. muscular tension or tight muscles 

14. dizziness 

15. enlarged facial pores 

16. uncontrollable sweating of the hands, feet, and/or armpits 

17. painful menstrual cramps 

18. PMS 

19. restless leg syndrome 

20. chronic knee and/or hip pain 

21. cold hands and/or feet 

22. lack of appettie 

23. sudden episodes of loss of brain function 

24. nausea

25. rapid heartbeat 

26. carpal tunnel syndrome 

27. nervous agitation 

28. repeated tapping of the hands or feet 

29. are you easily disoriented and/or confused 

30. Do you have high blood pressure? 

31. Do you have chronic diarrhea or sloppy stools? 

32. Are you easily weakened by stress, or are you physically intolerant of stress? 

33. Do you have chronic arthritis? 

34. Do you have heart disease and/or angina pectoris? 

35. Do you suffer from headaches occurring prior to or during your menstrual cycle? 

36. Do you have overactive or underactive thyroid function? 

37. Do you have osteoporosis? 

38. Do your bones fracture easily, or do they fail to heal after fracturing? 

39. Do you suffer from epilepsy or convulsion? 

40. Do you drink alcohol on a daily basis? 

41. Do you have a history of kidney stones? 

42. Do you suffer from chronic kidney disease? 

43. Do you regularly take diuretic drug? 

44. Are you a sugar addict? 

Total: _______ 

1-6 points: Mild Magnesium deficiency. 

7-16 points: Moderate Magnesium deficiency. 

17-25 points: Severe Magnesium deficiency. 

26 and above: Extreme Magnesium deficiency. 

Reversing a magnesium deficiency is very achievable through diet.  It requires a commitment and steady approach.  A Nutrolution RD can help you make a lasting healthy lifestyle change.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Call or contact us below to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!

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