The adrenal glands are the organ system responsible for our stress response. This means they play critical roles in regulating negative levels of stress; stress and anger can have negative effects on the adrenal glands. In addition to stress, the highly processed American diet can have negative effects on the adrenal glands. Improving your nutritional health and modifying your stress levels can improve your overall adrenal function. Take this quiz to give yourself a picture of your adrenal health. 

Each of the following is worth one point. Which of the following apply to you? 

1. constant fatigue 

2. muscular weakness 

3. sweating or wetness of hands and feet 

4. nervousness 

5. fainting spells 

6. chronic heartburn 

7. alternating constipation and diarrhea 

8. insomnia 

9. low blood pressure 

10. blood sugar disturbances 

11. mood swings 

12. paranoia 

13. lightheaded sensation 

14. headaches, particularly migraines 

15. heart palpitations 

16. cravings for salt 

17. cravings for sweets 

18. intolerance to alcohol

19. intolerance to cigarette smoke and/or exhaust fumes 

20. hard pebble-like stools 

21. vague indigestion 

22. vague abdominal pain 

23. vulnerability to food reactions/allergies 

24. break out in hives or other rashes 

25. clenching and/or grinding of the teeth, especially at night

26. lack of appetite 

27. infrequent urination and/or lack of thirst 

28. premenstrual syndrome 

29. chronic pain in the lower neck and upper back 

30. pain or tightness in the upper neck and/or scalp

31. inability to concentrate and/or confusion

32. panic attacks 

33. phobias 

34. easily frustrated 

35. compulsive behavior 

36. intolerance to hot humid weather 

37. intolerance to cold and/or cold hands/feet

38. sense of well being after eating, especially supper 

39. depression often relieved by eating 

40. difficulty relaxing 

41. easily distracted 

42. tendency to have feelings of guilt 

43. extreme sensitivity to odors and/or noises 

44. inability to cope with stressful events 

45. tendency to cry easily 

46. clumsiness 

47. hair loss on the outer parts of the lower legs 

48. tightness of armpits 

49. Are you unusually ticklish? 

50. Do you have upper back pain/tightness, which worsens from stress or cold weather? 

51. Do you have a lack of sensation of fullness after eating? 

52. Do you have fine thin hair? 

53. Are your lower teeth misaligned? 

54. Is your index finger longer than your ring finger? 

55. Do you have a tendency to develop yeast or fungal infections? 

56. Do you have a breathing disorder, particularly asthma? 

57. Do you have an unusually small jaw bone or chin? 

58. Do you drink caffeine on a daily basis? 

59. Have you taken cortisone pills for prolonged periods (one month or longer)? 

60. Have you consumed large amounts of refined sugar throughout your life? (if so, add an additional 4 points)

61. Do you consume alcohol on a daily basis? 

61. Do you smoke one or more packs of cigarettes a day? 

62. Do you have an excessively low cholesterol level? 

63. Do you regularly use cortisone creams or ointments? 

64. Have you suffered or do you currently suffer from prolonged psychic/emotional stress? 

65. Do you suffer from depression and/or weight gain during the winter months? 

66. Were you regarded a "lazy" child? 

67. Are you or have you been frequently tormented or ridiculed by others? 

68. Do you suffer from or have you suffered from severe infections such as TB, blood poisoning, sepis, or hepatitis? 

69. Do you have the initiative and desire to perform tasks but feel physically incapable of doing so? 

70. Have you undergone numerous prolonged surgeries? 

71. Are you jumpy or easily startled? 

72. Do you have brown pigment spots about your temples, upper back, or chest? 

73. Do you wet the bed or did you previously wet the bed? 

74. Do you prefer hot drinks rather than cold drinks, or are you intolerant to cold drinks? 


1-10 points: Mild adrenal fatigue

10-23 points: Moderate adrenal fatigue

24-40 points: Severe adrenal fatigue

41 and above: Extreme adrenal fatigue 

While reversing adrenal fatigue takes a solid strategy and several months, it is possible and necessary to stop chronic illness from forming.  It requires a commitment and steady approach.  A Nutrolution RD can help you make a lasting healthy lifestyle change.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Call or contact us below to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!

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