Sports Nutrition

Successful athletes know the power nutrition makes in endurance, performance, and recovery.  Likewise, trying to get healthy or lose weight without exercising just isn't enough.  This is because exercise and nutrition work hand in hand in the body, and neither one can achieve the full extent of results without the other.  

The purpose of nutrition is to nourish the cells.  However the only way the nutrients can flow plentifully is if the heart is pumping effectively.  Cardiovascular exercise literally strengthens the heart and vessels so that the blood can carry nutrients in and waste products out.  Exercise and movement physically move blood through your system, allowing it to deliver the critical nutrition it needs.  Furthermore exercise strengthens the muscles, builds the bones, increases metabolism and circulation to the brain. 

Before, during and after training, getting in key nutrients will allow for maximal results and minimal injury.  For those wanting to lose weight, it's best to limit carbohydrates before a workout, in order to encourage the body to utilize fat.  However, those looking to "go the distance" such as runners and cyclists will need to carb load to maximize glycogen stores and maximize endurance.  Digestion is another element of sports nutrition that is extremely important for all.

Overall, sports nutrition is the study and science of the nutrients needed to support and achieve sports and fitness goals.  Most athletes will benefit from a meal plan and supplement protocol.  Our registered dietitian is a former scholarship athlete, and can help.  We are in network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medicare and can help you plan meals and snacks to support any athletic, physical or weight goals.  Give us a call to verify your insurance benefits, or, you can see our private pay consultation options here. 

If you need help selecting products or have other specific questions, email our Registered Dietitian. 

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