Pregnancy Nutrition

Being well-nourished before, during and after pregnancy is the most important thing a new mom can do for her baby's health. To become pregnant and ensure a full-term pregnancy and healthy baby, good nutrition is non-negotiable. Though it can be difficult with obstacles such as food cravings, aversions, nausea and vomiting. This is why it's especially important to start as early as possible with a pre-pregnancy nutrition program. Getting a jump start on a pre-pregnancy nutrition will help safeguard your baby in the event of morning sickness and will ensure a healthy baby. In order to become pregnant, some women must begin by altering and improving their nutritional status with things like protein, mercury free omega-3's, B-vitamins; and in some cases women need to cleanse months prior to starting to try for pregnancy. If you have too many toxins in your body or too few nutrient stores, by nature, you may be infertile. Though this not be a permanent condition, and can be corrected in many cases through proper nutriiton.

Many pregnant or pregnancy-bound women will also benefit from a nutritional consultation to work with a dietitian to analyze your diet and so that we can recommend specific thingss for you. Below are some of our favorite pregnancy prep products. 



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