Heart and Blood Health

Our heart and blood health is at the core of how we receive nutrients and eliminate wastes. In order for our hearts to function optimally, the body needs a vast array of supportive nutrients. A steady flow of water and nutrients ensures cells receive the compounds needed to fire accurately and carry wastes out of the system. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high C-reactive protein (indicating inflammation), or a more progressive form of heart disease, it's imperative to address your heart and blood health.

Imbalances in blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation are warning signs of heart disease. Excessive free-radical forming foods and insufficient antioxidant foods create a cascade of events that will lead to heart disease. Yet, all of this can be prevented with a healthy diet and supplements. 

We offer a collection of supplements which support heart, vascular and blood health. An ideal supplement program will depend on personal factors which can be identified in a consultation. Below we outline some of our favorite supplements to support your heart, blood and vascular health:

If you need support selecting products, our dietitian can help. Please contact us. Read more about our high quality products on the about us page. 

Most people also greatly benefit from a consultation for meal planning and dietitian counseling. Through a consultation, our dietitian can help you identify underlying heart disease factors, and develop a program for you which supports healthy blood, healthy arteries, infalammation reduction and a healthy heart. See personal consultation options.


Supplements below are specifically chosen to support heart health. See all health products here. 

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