B12 deficiency symptoms include tingling in the hands, legs, or feet, paranoia, weakness, fatigue, hallucinations, and difficulty thinking or reasoning. Most people are able to adequately absorb B12 due to an intrinsic factor in the liver. However, those that lack the intrinsic factor, are anemic, vegan, or vegetarian should consider supplementing with B12. Take the quiz below to determine if you could have a B12 deficiency. Your healthcare provider may also administer a test to determine if you lack the intrinsic factor by way of a simple blood test. 


Each of the below responses is worth one point. Which of the following apply to you? 

1. dark circles under the eyes 

2. chronic fatigue 

3. swollen and/or inflamed tongue 

4. chronic constipation

5. paranoia and/or psychotic behavior 

6. memory loss 

7. anemia due to enlarged red blood cells 

8. pale complexion 

9. shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing 

10. lack of appetite 

11. abdominal discomfort 

12. weight loss 

13. depression/anxiety 

14. burning tongue

15. bursitis

 16. bone spurs 

17. nervousness, irritability, and/or agitation 

18. loss of balance and/or staggering 

19. numbness of the hands, legs, or feet 

20. confusion 

21. loss of taste 

22. Have you had your stomach stapled, or has a portion of your stomach been removed? 

23. Do you take antacids on a daily or weekly basis? 

24. Do you take Tagamet or Zantac on a daily or weekly basis? 

25. Do you avoid eating red meats? 

26. Are you a vegetarian? 

27. Do you regularly consume antibiotics? (i.e. six or more dosages per month? 

28. Do you have a history of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome? 

29. Have you been diagnosed with low stomach acid?

30. Do you regularly use cortisone or cortisone creams? 

31. Have you been diagnosed as having low protein in your blood? 

32. Are you taking birth control pills? 

33. Has part of your ileum (lower small intestine) been removed? 

34. Do you feel like your feet are too big for your shoes when they are really  not? 

35. Do you feel like your legs are tight and don't move the way you want them to ? 

36. Are you over 65 years of age? 

37. Do you suffer from premature graying of the hair? 

Your score _______

1-8 points: Mild B-12 deficiency. 

9-18 points: Moderate B-12 deficiency. 

19-29 points: Severe B-12 deficiency. 

30 and above: Extreme B-12 deficiency. 


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