Zinc is often referred to as an "essential" trace element. As such, it helps perform multiple important cellular processes in the body. Severe zinc deficiency is quite rare, however many people are mildly to moderately zinc deficient but are not aware. Take this quiz to determine if you have a zinc deficiency. 

Each of the following is worth one point. Which of the following apply to you? 

1. lack of appetite or anorexia 

2. lack of taste 

3. white spots on the fingernails 

4. reduced sperm count and/or infertility 

5. lack of the sense of smell 

6. chronic or recurrent ear infections 

7. acne 

8. slow growing hair and/or nails 

9. increased susceptibility to colds, flu, or other infections 

10. hair loss 

11. prostate problems 

12. delayed wound healing 

13. geographic tongue 

14. growth impairment 

15. light-colored pigment of the hair 

16. dermatitis 

17. blood sugar disturbances 

18. dry and/or brittle hair 

19. excessively dry or oily skin 

20. sties on the eyelids 

21. stretchmarks 

22. premature graying of the hair 

23. irregular menstrual cycles 

24. impotence 

25. delayed sexual maturity 

26. growing pains

27. sore or inflamed cracks in the skin at the fingertips 

28. hangnails 

29. chapped or split lips 

30. recurrent vaginal yeast infections 

31. sensitivity of the eyes to light 

32. enlarged facial pores 

33. Do you consume refined sugars on a daily basis? 

34. Do you consume alcoholic beverages on a daily or weekly basis? 

35. Are  you a diabetic? 

36. Do you develop canker sores or other oral ulcerations? 

37. Do you have a history of gout? 

38. Do you consume large amounts of whole grains and/or grain brains on a daily basis? 

39. Do you take diuretics on a daily or weekly basis?

40. Do you suffer from repeated bouts of chronic skin infections? 

41. Do you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections? 

42. Does your skin sunburn easily, or do you develop sun-induced rashes? 

43. Do you have difficulty digesting meat or other protein-rich foods? 

44. Do you have a history of detached retina or retinal bleeding? 

45. Do you have macular degeneration? 

46. Do you exercise vigorously on a daily basis? 

47. Have you experienced prolonged periods of psychic stress? 

48. Do you suffer from duodenal ulcer, or have you had duodenum removed? 

49. Do you develop urinary tract infections frequently? 

50. Do you suffer from pancreatic disease? 

51. Do you suffer from osteoporosis? 

52. Do you have biliary sclerosis and/or hepatitis? 

53. Do you take cortisone on a daily or weekly basis?

54. Do you take birth control pills? 

55. Do you take large amounts of supplemental calcium on a daily basis? 

Your score: ______ 

1-7: Mild zinc deficiency. 

8-16: Moderate zinc deficiency. 

17-29: Severe zinc deficiency. 

30 and above: Extreme zinc deficiency. 

Reversing a zinc deficiency will make a major positive impact on your health. It can help with immunity, brain function, healing and tissue building.  A Nutrolution RD can help you make the proper dietary changes to correct a zinc deficiency.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Call or contact us below to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!

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