Kids' Wellness

A child's body is as pure as it will ever be. Protecting your child from toxins now will affect his or her long term health and help prevent disease for decades to come. Many foods and drinks labeled and marketed as kids foods contain disease-causing ingredients. Common ingredients such as artificial flavors, colors, trans fats, GMO soy and corn syrup, when eaten in excess- may cause inflammation or immune trouble which may be at the root of many kids' health childhood concerns. Examples include allergies, ADHD, child onset diabetes, and obesity, to name a few. Reducing problem foods and implementing a more whole foods and plant based approach can help many children's health conditions greatly.

The most difficult part of helping create a kid's meal plan is finding meals, snacks and drinks which meet all criteria; they must be convenient, tasty, appetizing, and healthy. Our dietitians have the expertise and know-how to help you acheive all of these factors in creating a meal program for your child. 

We've addressed many kids' health concerns, including ADHD, eczema, food allergies, weight management, diabetes, improving immune function, healthy body image and eating disorders, and developing lasting healthy eating habits. 

Our kids' wellness collection is specifically designed to address a variety of children's health concerns, as well as support overall health and wellness for kids. Areas we address include:

We also work individually with parents and teens to remedy specific health concerns. Through a consultation, we can help you with a targeted meal plan and supplement program to improve your child's health. Read about our personal consultation service. 


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