Weight loss

Being a little heavy was once considered a good thing that could help your chances of survival.  Yet nowadays, excess weight is a sign of poor nutrition and predictor of disease. 

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout life is helpful for energy, longevity, and disease prevention. Yet managing it requires an understanding of good nutrition, including how to prepare flavorful food without excess fat, salt and sugar, how to interpret food labels, and how to make good choices when eating out.  

Uncomplicatedly managing one's weight is the ultimate goal, and can be achieved through a mindful, whole-foods approach to eating.  An emphasis on lots of fresh produce and exercise is key to weight management.

Though actually losing weight often requires a more detailed approach. For most people, it's more than a mere math equation of calories in versus calories out.  This is an old school approach that may work early in life, but not later (for most.)  This is because metabolism is based on many other factors than just calories, and there are numerous things that can slow it down.  Poor digestion, insulin resistance, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies are just some of the reasons you may not be able to lose weight as easily as before.  Other possible "weight loss blockers" are low thyroid function, food sensitivities, or simply not having the right blend of macronutrients.  Additionally, many struggling with weight are emotional or stress eaters, and need to rebuild a healthier relationship with food. 

While weight loss is a complex task, doing it the right way promotes wellness, prevents disease, and yields energy! When we work with clients, we strive to uncover the underlying causes of weight gain. Then we develop a personalized strategy and unique nutrition program based on everything we learn about you. We integrate exercise and other holistic recommendations, and provide ongoing nutritional counseling for accountability, support and to secure a permanent lifestyle change!

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