Supplement Consultation

A supplement consultation is the best way for you to receive a personalized supplement program by an experience Licensed and Registered Dietitian. Either relayed by phone or email, our dietitian will need to learn more about you, including:

  • your basic dietary habits (what do you eat in a typical day?)
  • current supplements taken (including brand names or specific product links)
  • medications 
  • medical conditions and prior medical history
  • relevant family medical history
  • and, most importantly, your primary health goals and/or concerns

Our dietitian will take note of all of the relevant information you provide, including your expressed budget or other relevant factors affecting how we design your supplement program. We'll then email you your personalized program and set our calendars to check in with you in approximately 1 month. Note, that results vary and while some supplements show immediate results, others (for example for diabetes) may take 2-3 months of consistent use before lab tests will show improvements. We will advise you when to recheck progress markers with realistic expectations for results. 

Note: Nutrolution is partnered with selected corporate wellness programs, physicians, and health industry and restaurant partners. If you have been referred by your physician, workplace or health food restaurant or business, please make sure you enter your code at checkout so that both you and our partnered business can receive associated benefits. 

Some conditions treated through nutritional supplementation include diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, bone health, digestive disorders, sports health, anti-aging, pregnancy health and others. Please note that nutritional supplementation is NOT a replacement for medical advice or medications. We are happy to work with your medical team, though we do not recommend against your physicians advice. Also, this consultation does not include a meal or overall lifestyle plan. If you would like to have a meal and exercise plan designed by us, please read more here.