12-Week Sports Nutrition Meal Program & Supplement Package
$995.00 $1,114.00

Our 12-week essential sports nutrition package is a comprehensive food, supplement and professional support program to help you acheive and exceed your goals. It's a 12-week program customized to you, and designed by a Registered Dietitian, with a strong sports background (you can read about her qualifications here). Simply put this program is designed with tons of expertise, and is carried out one one (via in person and/or telehealth) to help you to acheive your health and fitness goals quickly and comprehensively. We will help you through working with you (and keeping in touch with your trainer) so that you have a team, who will deliver everything you need to kick ass and take names. Through this program you will also become healthier and understand how better to nourish yourself for the long term, so that YOU can go the distance in life!  

Our program includes:

1- A Personal Meal Plan - our Registered Dietitian will meet with you in person or by phone or by Facetime/Skype. You will complete a health risk assessment form and record your food habits. Based on the detailed assessment, our dietitian will design a meal program for you which you will be well explain and easy to follow. It will be emailed straight to your inbox within 1-2 business days of your meeting. You will have the opportunity to talk or email for questions about implementation, and you may request any needed tools such as a grocery list and recipes.  Regular price: $250

2- A Personal Supplement Program - based on your health and lifestyle assessment, our Registered Dietitian will help you determine a customized supplement plan. After all, not every athlete needs protein powders. But if you do, you will get the purest and most effective from us, as part of this nutrition program. In all, you will receive a package of supplements which are proven effective, professional and pharmaceutical grade, with instructions on usage, and tailored to your preferences (some items you will have options for capsules, powder or even yummy chews). Supplement Programs vary from one person to the next, but the base package includes:

(3) Whey Cool protein powder, completely clean of hormones, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and contain ultra low heat processed whey protein from free range grass fed cows.  Regular price: $94/ bottle

(3)Electrolyte Synergy, a stevia sweetened delicious electrolyte and mineral drink.  It comes in a powder so you'll simply add to water before, after and/or during workouts - no more junky drinks that pollute your cells and blood! Regular price: $43.47/bottle

You are also able to upgrade and purchase if desired and recommended: protein bars, fish oils, vitamin D3+ K2, mineral compounds, specific amino acid singlettes or formulas, probiotics, multivitamins, immune supplements, sleep support supplements,  supplements to reverse insulin resistance, improve veggie/fruit intake, CBD products, and more

Shipping is included. 

3-  Follow up and accountability (12 weeks) - People who follow up, acheive their goals at a much higher rate.  For twelve weeks, you will have access to your nutrition coach (our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist) via weekly follow ups. We have different options for follow up including this via phone, FaceTime.  After 3 months, you will have an option to continue working with our dietitian.  Regular price: $450