Disaster Preparedness: Nutrition Consultation and Report

Are you concerned about the threat of a disaster? Do you or a loved one have a medical condition which could be life-threating in the case of an emergency? 

It's never too early to prepare for a disaster, though it could be too late!

During this consultation, we will learn all about you and your medical and health concerns through a phone appointment. Then, we will provide you with a personalized survival nutrition report which consists of practical meals and snacks that will help you surivive a disaster. It is based on your expressed health care needs and concerns. The report will also detail the natural health care products and nutraceuticals specific to you and your family, and explain how to use them to survive a threatening event. This is a comprehensive consultation.

Note: One half the cost of this consultation ($75) will be creditted toward any product purchased on our website, including protein powders, branch chain amino acids, plant antibiotics, protein bars, probiotics, and much more. 

The consultation will be provided by the company owner, Rachael Richardson. Some background: Rachael has been a licensed dieititian/nutritionist since 2002. Additionally, she trained and was a Florida licensed Emergency Medical Technician in 1999, and has performed lifesaving on two accounts (not while working). As a dietitian, Rachael has worked in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and in preventative health and wellness settings. Prior to being a dieitian/nutritionist, she was a lifeguard, water safety instructor and soccer referee, so has always been focused on safety and security in a variety of settings. Rachael was part of a the Miami Jewish Home and Health Care center's medical, food and nutrition team during hurricane Wilma and also provided hurricane aid after hurricane Andrew. Rachael was also hired by the University of Miami Dining Department to develop a hurricane survival package for students. Additionally, Rachael was raised by her step-dad who retired as a Chief from Miami-Dade Fire Department, where he directed fire rescue for the entire South Florida coastline, as well as oversaw and was certified in many types of rescue teams (including diving underwater, snake rescue, and more). Learning how to survive a disaster is a great interest of Rachael's, and her background supports her ability and continued interest in helping others. 

Please note: this consultation is geared directly toward food, nutrition and natural medicine, and not around other important supplies such as power, light, and other rescue aid.