Heart and Blood Health

The heart and blood are at the core of how we receive nutrients and eliminate wastes. For our hearts to function optimally, we need a vast array of nutrients, enough water, and the proper electrolytic balance with regards to sodium, potassium and other key minerals. 

A steady flow of blood and nutrients ensures cells receive the compounds needed to fire accurately and carry wastes out of the system. If you have high: blood pressure, cholesterol, C-reactive protein (an inflammatory marker), or a more progressive form of heart disease, it's a warning sign that you are developing heart disease and should take action soon.

Heart disease can be reversed.  Diet, exercise and stress all play major roles. You'll want to reduce sodium found in most sauces, restaurant and processed foods.  Also, it's important to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet and limit the amount of free-radical forming foods in your diet.  Free-radical and inflammatory foods often overlap and include: sugar, chemicals like artificial colors and preservatives found in processed foods, trans-fats found in fried food and many baked goods.  These free radical and inflammatory proteins injure the blood vessels and cause a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries which causes blood pressure to go up, and cause a cardiovascular "event."

However, you can also prevent all of this through healthy food choices and exercise. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods protect the arteries and neutralize free radicals.  The protective foods include: brightly colored fruits and vegetables, avocadoes, low heat roasted or raw nuts and seeds, high fiber grains like steel cut oats, wild rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and other plant foods.

Not only do plant foods have "phytonutrients" which translates to "plant nutrients", they have minerals which are sourced from the soil in which they're grown. These minerals are essential for maintaining the electrolytic balance of the blood and heart rhythm.  

If you believe you are at a high risk for heart disease, or have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or high blood pressure, you will benefit from nutrition intervention.

Our Registered Dietitians can help you make a lasting healthy lifestyle change that can reverse heart disease.  We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare.  Please call or email us to verify your nutrition benefits and get started on a personal nutrition program!


We look forward to hearing from you! 


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