Weight Loss

Weight loss is likely the most common reason people seek nutritional advice. However this is changing as people become aware of the correlation between the chemicals and toxins found in many everyday foods and today's most common and too often chronic health problems.

When we work with individuals on weight loss goals, we aim to uncover and reveal the underlying cause of weight gain, as it pertains to your specific genetics, medical history, complaints, lifestyle, and health goals. With information and keen insight about you, we can then effectively develop a completely personalized weight loss plan, which is comprised of a meal program, supplement 

Currently, many people experience  "weight loss resistance", which is defined by the fact that your weight loss efforts (ie. eating fewer calories, consuming better quality foods, skipping desserts, exercising more, etc.) are supporting weight loss, yet it's not working! This can be very frustrating, though can be overcome by determining and treating the cause of weight loss resistance.

Some causes of weight loss resistance include insulin resistance, poor metabolism due to toxicity, low muscle tone, nuritritional deficiencies, or poor digestion. Other possiblities are hormonal imbalances, acidic blood pH and of course, biochemical cravings which can stem from neurochemical deficiencies, learned habits, adrenal fatigue, and/or gut dysbiosis.

Often, people experience more than one of these factors, so it's neccessary to take a customized approach and consult on a one-on-one basis so that we can determine what's happening in your particular case.

Effective weight loss requires an individualized approach. We are here to support you. We offer consultations with knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate and licensed dietitian/ nutritionists. You may check out our consultation options here. 

We are not supplement crazed, however we recognize that supplements can really help people. We recommend only pharmaceutical grade "nutraceuticals". Here are some of our favorite tried and true weight loss supplements: 

    • For on the go meal and snack replacements, we like: Glucosupport Bars They are low in sugar, containing just brown rice syrup, but are also blood sugar balancing and a delicious treat! Our favorite is Peanut Butter crunch.
    • For a low sugar weight loss support protein smoothie, try: Paleomeal Plus  and you can also add antioxidant support in the form of Paleoreds or Paleogreens . They're powdered fruits and veggies that taste pretty good and will make skin glow, support weight and anti-aging. 
    • For a multivitamin that reverses insulin resistance (one of the most common causes of weight loss resistance), try: Metabolic Synergy 
    • There are two other popular and effective weight loss products: Weight Loss Support Packs,  Garcinia
    • For reducing cravings: Endotrim is great. 
    • To Improve Digestion: HLC Probiotics are the best!
    • To Cleanse: Paleofiber and Paleogreens are both quite helpful.
    • Read more about our consultation options here. 

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