Nutrition plays a pivotal role in how we age. Healthy food choices can slow aging by lengthening the life of each individual cell, and promoting healthy cell regeneration. Conversely, you may be speeding up your aging process through foods you eat which may be inflammatory or contain chemicals which damage the cells. Having nutritional deficiencies can also accelerate aging. 

One of the most powerful things you can do to support a longer, healthier life and prevent signs of aging is to eat more raw foods. Raw foods contain enzymes, considered to be a key to life, and vital to the regeneration of new cells. When we're young, we produce plenty of enzymes. As we age, enzyme production slows. Therefore consuming enzymes from raw foods like smoothies and salads can significantly help to fill the enzyme gap. Moving towards a heavier raw-foods based diet and adding key anti-aging supplements is by far the most effective route to maintaining your health, and your youth. 

We offer a collection of antiaging supplements which can help slow the aging process. An optimal anti-aging supplement program includes:

    • Vitamin C - We love C+ Biofizz, an orange flavored tangy drink that comes in powder form. 
    • Paleogreens - This super greens drink supplement is lemon-lime flavored. We recommend adding an extra squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. 
    • Resveratrol - taken alone or in this powerful drink supplemement, Paleoreds
    • Coenzyme Q-10 - CoQNol uses the preferred and much more highly absorbable form of CoQ10, ubiquinol.

Through a consultation, our dietitians can help you transition to a diet rich in raw foods for anti-aging support.  See consultation options here. 


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