The Case for CBD

Cannabis is still a huge cause for conversation- and controversy- in our country. Why is that? I recently had the chance to meet a licensed Physician and "Medical Marajuana Doctor" in Davie, Florida who explained a theory that I completely related to. It has to do with the evolution of our brain cell receptor sites based on the what our ancestors ate, drank, how they lived and if they smoked or used cannabis. As he expained, most of us have cannabis receptors in our brains, which when unfulfilled, can cause us to feel depressed, anxious or more susceptible to pain. Our brain chemical deficiency may then cause us to crave chemicals, when what the cells really need are Cannabanoids. 

Cannabis contains at least 85 types of cannabinoids, smaller more specific compounds each responsible for assisting in nervous system, digestive and other functions. Many cannabinoids have documented medical value, so this is not simply theory. Medical marajuana physicians are trained to understand which symptoms are helped by which strains and products. This is all handy knowledge to bring to your next dispensary visit, if you live in a legal medical marajuana state.

However for those who are not in the situation to pursue "medical marajuana", taking "CBD Oils" is good first step which is safe and effective way to treat pain, inflammation, brain fog, anxiety, and more. Of course, as a nutritionist, I would be remiss not to mention that it's always helpful to review and possibly refine what you're eating, as it pertains to your health goals. When it comes to pain, inflammation and brain health, I believe CBD holds some powerful solutions. However eliminating inflammatory and processed chemicals from the diet is also essential, as well alkalizing your body through diet and sweating, as well as is taking certain High DHA fatty acids and key minerals and amino acids. While we don't believe CBD is a magic solution, it could be part of the total solution.

If you're suffering with chronic pain, depression or anxiety, do NOT give up hope! Solutions are just around the corner. Please contact us for more information.

Rachael Richardson, RDN, LDN 

Please note: Due to federal restrictions, CBD hemp products will be temporarily unavailable at We will continue to seek out ways to continue to offer these valuable products. 




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Jun 03, 2018

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