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Top 10 Nutrition Tips from a Seasoned Registered Dietitian

I've eaten, breathed and dreamt nutrition since starting my degree in nutrition in 1996! Among the many fads and trends that have come and gone, I have discovered 10 foundational nutrition tips that I want you to be aware of, as you develop your own healthy eating style. If you apply these rules, you will see your health improve. You can download these TOP 10 TIPS in a one-page infographic found here

#1 - Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is the core of most chronic disease. Common inflammatory foods include wheat, soy, corn, dairy and all processed sugars. People may also develop inflammation because of food additives and preservatives as well as from foods that are eaten too often. Inflammation can lead to a plethora of diseases, as well as pain, weight loss resistance, and fatigue. Can you introduce healing foods to reverse inflammation that is currently present? You may try turmeric, rosemary, aloe, and healing essential fatty acid sources as described in tip #2 below. 

#2 - Eat healthy & healing fat sources

Your body needs omega-3s every day for brain function, hormone production, metabolism and much more. When buying fish oils, it is critical that they are certified mercury and dioxin free and purified. We love and trust Finest Pure Fish Oils by Pharmax, as they test each batch to ensure no lingering heavy metals. Plus there's no fishy after taste. Other health-promoting fats come from avocados, coconuts and coconut milk and oils, nuts and seeds and nut and seed butters, happy egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil, organic butter, ghee and for higher heat use grape seed or sesame oil.

#3 - Go Alkalinize #plantstrong

Most of your enzymes, antioxidants, minerals & fiber come from dark green & brightly colored fruits and vegetables. These ‘fruits of life’ also contain the purest water known to man. Fruits and or vegetables would ideally be the core of each meal or snack. When prepped to perfection, fruits and vegetables not only feel good in your body, but they also taste can taste heavenly. If this is a stretch for your imagination, clearly it’s time for you to consider a love affair with veggies.  This begins with shopping, preparing, & tasting the amazing array of vegetables the world offers. We are quite sure that once you experience the delight of deliciously prepared, fresh vegetables, they will quickly become your new best friend, never to live without.  

#4 - Boost Antioxidants


Antioxidants are your immune system’s helpers and are necessary for optimal health and disease prevention. They scavenge for free radicals which come from smoke, bad fats, sugars, chemicals in general, etc. They neutralize the damaging effects before they occur, hereby protecting you from all types of cancers and heart disease. As well antioxidants protect the brain from degradation helping your mind work better for longer! Remember antioxidants come from your brightly colored fruits and veggies as well as plant fat sources like olive oil, nuts and avocadoes. We love Paleogreens and Paleoreds. These powders can be mixed with water or into a smoothie for serious antioxidant support. 


# 5 - Hydrate your cells continuously


Our ancestors drank water from the ground rich in minerals. Nowadays, most water is devoid of minerals, and as a result our bodies are mineral deficient! At Nutrolution, we recommend drinking mineral water, herbals teas, adding lemon or lime to your water, and/or adding mineral drops to your water. You may consider a special system such as Kangen alkalinized water. Drink at least 8 cups of mineralized water, herbal teas, fresh fruit juice (limit to ½-1 cup), Iced green or white tea, hot green or white tea, coconut water, or greens/reds drinks each day to optimize health, energy, endurance and sports performance!


#6 - Detox & Dunk That Junk


Junky artificial ingredients contribute to toxic load. While your body is able to eliminate a certain amount of fake food, most people consume an excess amount of toxins from their food. The result is chronic toxicity epitomized by smelly breath, general stinkiness, itchy skin, acne, fatigue, heightened allergies, headaches & poor metabolism, all leading to weight gain. Junk food also taxes your immune system, contributing to cancer & autoimmune disease. Last but not least, toxins produce free radicals which puncture the blood vessels contributing to cholesterol imbalances & heart disease. What’s junk? Hydrogenated oil, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, artificial flavors & colors, salt, preservatives, gluten & most other ingredients whose names you do not recognize.


#7 - Protect Your Digestive Bacteria

Your gut is where your food meets your body and the magic - i.e. digestion, absorption and waste elimination- either happens or it doesn’t. If your digestion is marginal it’s time to GUT Check. Invest in a few daily supplements (namely pharmaceutical grade fiber, glutamine, and probiotics) and build digestive support foods into your daily diet. Pineapple, papaya, Kim chi, fresh yogurt, sauerkraut, and homemade bone broth are some of our top choices for digestive support. Anti-microbials such as garlic, coconut oil, and oregano are also excellent for general digestive health.

#8 - Take a break from Coffee


Coffee may cause adrenal fatigue, intestinal issues, and hormonal & energy imbalances. Challenge yourself to eliminate or reduce coffee consumption, at least for a while (a week or two). If giving up coffee makes your head hurt just thinking about it, start by switching to organic. Some excellent coffee alternatives are green tea, mate tea, ginger tea & a homemade cocoa late (use almond or coconut milk, cocoa powder, real vanilla, & agave nectar). 

#9 - Cut Sugar Out


Seriously (no joke) sugar is one of good health’s greatest antagonists. Don’t buy or consume anything with sugar or corn syrup. Be aware of the sneaky tactics food manufacturers use to sneak in more sugar. Instead of buying candy bars and cookies start making your own sweet treats. Or purchase the truly healthier ones which use stevia, xylitol, fruit juice, agave or vegetable glycerin instead of corn syrup, glucose, fructose and other high glycemic sugars. Do this and you will minimize your chance and/or reverse diabetes, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and toxicity. Take it easy, take it Sugeazy!

#10 - Balance Baby


You don’t need to turn into a certified health nut or drive yourself nuts with nutrition. Control what you can (such as when you grocery shop, how you cook, where you go to eat, what brands you buy, and which supplements you take) and let a few things go each week so you don’t set yourself up for failure or self-criticism.  


You can download this info-graphic here!

Health & Happiness,

Rachael ~xoxo

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