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Build Security by Building Your Health in 2021

It's a new year, and unlike any we've experienced. This year, wishing people a simple "happy new year" feels trite, and incomplete.  There's much more to say and do (this new year) than set a few personal resolutions and cheering.  As you figure out your new year's goals, I ask you to consider a few things.

Health is your greatest wealth, and something you cannot live without. Additionally, our medical system does not have all of the answers. Despite medical technology and advances, we are still vulnerable to illness and death. Our lives, and our livelihoods, are not guaranteed.  Our food systems may (and probably will) fail us in the future. Other systems including waste management, transportation, and police protection may also erode at some point in our lives. 

I believe this is the year for inspired and steadfast action. We do not need to placate our minds; and we cannot afford to waste our time.  We have a choice of how to handle all that we have learned. This year, start a steady course of action to secure your future. Here are some ideas...

Start composting and enriching the soil around you, where you live, work and play. We need better soil where we can grow food.  Begin propagating plants, and learn to grow; start collecting seeds. Learn to use food and herbs as medicine. I'm talking teas, salads, juices, tinctures, and more. Most importantly, remember that you cannot do anything well if you do not have your health. Please join me this year in securing (y)our future by focusing on what matters most, (y)our health and security. 

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