Healthy Products for Sports Nutrition - Which Whey to Go?

Essential Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Info

By Kelly Jones (medically reviewed by Rachael Richardson, RDN)

Many of us lead a busy lifestyle. With a full time work week, long commutes, and demanding family lives, it comes as no surprise that many find it difficult to make the time for regular exercise. That’s why it’s important to utilize the best nutritional supplements possible to increase energy and aid in recovery to maximize results to make every minute count.

Most sports nutrition experts agree that the nutrition you receive before and after a workout is vital to achieving the best gains in muscle and endurance. For years, post-workout protein powders have dominated the market, emphasizing the importance of post-workout snacks and meals high in protein. Gym junkies, exercise enthusiasts, and those just looking to get in better shape often have a protein shake in hand while hitting the weights. However, with the countless brands of protein powders, it can be difficult to choose a product and know what to look for.

Whey Cool Protein is one that we have relied on for many years, as dietitian/nutritionists. It is a unique protein powder for a multitude of reasons that sets it apart from similar protein supplements. It uses natural sweeteners such as stevia leaf instead of refined sugars or high fructose corn syrups that are harmful to the body. Derived from grass-fed cows, the whey in this product is more nutritious than whey derived from most other products.

Commercially raised cows are often fed diets of soy and corn because it is cheaper and causes more rapid growth. However, cows are naturally designed to digest grass; therefore, eating a diet of corn and soy affects the fatty acid content of both the cow's milk and meat. On the flip side, grass fed cows yield milk and meat with less saturated fat and more unsaturated omega-3 anti-inflammatory fattys acids; which are practically absent in most other whey products. So basically, your drinking a whey which is lower in unhealthy fats that clog arteries and higher in the kind that protect from heart disease and inflammation! 

However, now many sports nutrition experts are claiming that pre-workout meals and snacks are just as, if not more, important than post-workout nutrition. We would say that it always depends on the individual's goals and composition. Though one thing that is important for anyone who is looking to reduce fat tissue is that you DO NOT WANT TO SPIKE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR, prior to a workout unless you are doing HEAVY LIFTING. For optimal energy and for weight loss goals, it is recommended to consume a "balanced" light meal one to two hours before exercise, or a small snack a half hour or so before exercise. 

Many find it difficult to hit the gym after returning home, cooking a meal, and waiting an hour or two to venture out to the gym. UltraLean GlucoSupport bars are the perfect option for an on-the-go pre-workout snack. Peanut Butter Crunch are a personal fave, though I also love the equally healthy Crispy Rice Bars. This portable bar is perfect to eat while walking or driving to the gym. Heart healthy fats derived from peanut butter provide a long lasting energy boost that also keeps hunger at bay. The whey protein contains peptides that increase blood flow to the muscles and provide a wide range of essential amino acids. Sugars that are derived from natural sources, such as agave, prevent the spikes and consequential drop in blood sugar levels that simple sugars cause, thus providing a steady source of bursting energy. UltraLean GlucoSupport bars also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals  to help the body recover and rebuild.

Truly, the bottom line is that athletes and people who work out do so to become and stay healthy. Though these efforts can quickly be uprooted by poor quality nutrition, including the thousands of tainted protein powders and bars on the market. For as much effort as you are putting into your exercise routine, make sure you are also staying diligent with your nutrition and food choices! 

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